My journey of being a planner at Barcamp Bangalore

I learnt about Barcamp Bangalore sometime in June or July 2007. I was fascinated by the idea of sharing ideas, learning about technology and talking about them as well. I attended a large lot of talks on both the days that it was there. I dont remember what all talks I attended, but they were not tied to any one technology or aspect at all. Plus everyone had equal rights to talk and you need not be that well known guy to talk about something you are passionate about. That was the best part of the entire event according to me.

Post event, I joined the yahoo mailing list and after a few days there was this call for anyone interested in planning the next one. I was excited to be part of it. A naive idiot, just a couple of years out of college, I thought wow, this going to be something. Then at the planners meet there were a lot of folks. But I remember Arun Ram, Hari, Jace a.k.a. Kiran(I found out that day), Srinivas and Keshav . I felt awesome to be able to contribute something here. It was made very clear that everyone was equal and could they would be heard.

From my blog about that day (

Soon after we left for our ways with the idea that we would be doing something good to start an ecosystem in Bangalore, which can actually make Bangalore truly a Silicon Valley.

As you could imagine, I was filled with a lot of optimism with that. We all wanted to experiment and make things better for the ecosystem. This is something I have not forgotten and keep on pushing things for the better.

I have been part of Barcamp Bangalore ever since and it has taught me a lot of things. More importantly it has kept my passion of technology alive regardless of what technology I have been working on in my day job. I could say a lot more about things I have learnt at Barcamp Bangalore but that for the next post.


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