Mahindra's new electric vehicle E2O

After Mahindra took over Reva, it has launched a new vehicle. Its called E2O. But besides it being an electric vehicle with 100Km range and 5 hour charging, and other similar features. But the most interesting part is that its also launch iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps. This app allows you to
  • Get current vehicle charge & range status
  • Set schedules to pre-cool or pre-heat your E2O’s cabin
  • Activate ‘REVive’
  • Remotely control E2O’s charging
  • Remotely lock or unlock your E2O
  • Engage ‘Vacation Mode’ for your E2O when you are not going to use your e2ofor a few days or more
  • Plan your E2O trips
  • Get troubleshooting assistance
  • Locate ‘Positive-Point’ charging stations and service station
  • Request for road side assistance and many more...
Being able to control some of the car features with your phone sounds very cool to me. More at
I guess next logical step would be an API which will allow developers to do some more amazing things. Its a pretty interesting development and something which we all can look forward to.
Having said that, there are certain things which do bother me.
  • Security : I am not sure about how much secure the system is going to be. When the best of the software companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe etc are not able to secure their software all that well, how well will Mahindra be able to do is surely questionable.
  • Lithium Ion battery being used are similar to the ones which are used in phones. I just hope they dont blow up like some of the chinese phones


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