Munnabhai Ne To Maccha Diya

Munnabhai ne pehle MBBS ki degree lee aur khola pol All India Munnabhai's & Company ka. But this time around he is different. And I am sure parallels with Munna this time around is not possible. Though he has this great sword of TADA hanging on him in real world but still acting is acting and he just does it all too well.

It was good to see a one time drug addict and TADA accused taking up the challenge of tackling the problems of life in a totally 'Gandhigiri' manner. The gem of creativity is that he came up with 'Gandhigiri'. Now the rather innocent and sacrosanct word 'Gandhiwad' seems like a totally defeated lot. Probably the Hindi Teachers souls are crying this day. And I don't find it impossible that some guy in some school would have had written 'Gandhigiri' instead of Gandhiwad'. But if you look at what our politicians have done with Samajwad, Gandhiwad and Lohiawad. I very well suggest that commoner like us take to Gandhigiri because it seems all too
better. Probably that same hypocrisy surrounding the -Wads don't come into picture in this word. I only wish if we could really turn the world around for these selfish petty politicians

Other great point that is highlighted in this movie probably is the fact that there still exist people like 'Batuknaath'(For those who do not know who he is then let me tell you that he is an astrologer who says that he can never go wrong with predictions). Well to start with we have so many people in the film industry who themselves are slaves of Batuknaths. The 'K' Klanists' Mr Roshan and Miss Kapoor. Then you have Kariena Kapoor, Rimmi Sen and tons of others. I guess that list of names can actually be very long. But people still believe in those. I wonder why not there are people who are changing their name to Amitabh Bachchan or Shahrukh Khan. Sachin Tendulkar is not bad either. But I suggest that you take the name Bill Gates. Adding one letter extra or removing requires a lot of time to think, but these are readymade names. And you need not pay those astrologers which may cost you a bomb. And if names actually do something better then I think you must use these tried and tested names only. Alas not many people come to my blog to read about it. (May I add that my newspaper boy is named 'Shahrukh Khan')


I guess Munnabhai and Circuit have really got their act rolling now. Havent seen such warm responses for any movie in a long time.
100rabh™ said…
Surely Munnabhai and Circuit have got their act together.... Probably the best comedy for a long time.... But by this post I wanted to highlight what most of the people would miss out on...Hope people get it
Anonymous said…
Did batuknath tell you to change your name to 100rabh? Haha, just joking.
100rabh™ said…
I thought this is the best way to loose all those Batuknaths(they dont have number is numerological names) :P :)

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